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Post Fracture Rehabilitation


Post-Fracture And Broken Bones Rehabilitation

Fractures or broken bones are serious injuries that can leave an individual with a serious loss of human body function. Do you know that you should see a physiotherapist after you bone fracture?

Often after fracture, the bone needs to be stabilized or immobilized to ensure proper healing. This is usually accomplished using a cast. For simple fractures, your doctor may elect to apply a removable cast so that gentle motion can occur around the injury site. After complex fractures or an ORIF procedure, you may be required to wear a cast that is not to be removed. If you fracture your shoulder or arm, you may be required to wear a sling to keep the arm immobilized. Check with your doctor to ensure that you understand what is expected of you in regard to immobilization.


Post Fracture Rehabilitation or Physiotherapy Treatment

The aim or purpose of rehabilitation is to get well where possible near to a normal range of daily life, strength, balance, thereby achieving a return to near normal function.

Treatment may involve any of mobilisation, physical massage, stretching, strengthening exercises, balance exercises, hydrotherapy, clinical pilates, advice and guidance with a return to workplace or sport.

In some instances of significant fracture, a return to normalcy function is not possible. Always discuss aims and expectations with your physiotherapist.