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Post Traumatic Paralysis Treatment


What Is A Post-Traumatic Paralysis?

The post-traumatic paralysis is a rare complication of different types of the temporal bone damage. Its diagnosis is often done after several years of evolution, sometimes even at the stage of complications. A case of posttraumatic paralysis is presented that was revealed by a facial nerve paralysis after a crash of the external auditory canal underlining the importance of the otoscopic and radiological regular monitoring of the patients with a traumatism of the temporal bone.

Traumatic Paralysis Treatment

Patients with traumatic facial paralysis are often treated empirically with a short course of oral steroids. In contrast to idiopathic facial paralysis or Bell palsy, no studies confirm or dispute the utility of steroid treatment after traumatic facial paralysis. The potential risks of using corticosteroids in a patient with multiple trauma and possible risk of infectious complications must be weighed against the unknown probability of benefit in decreasing the risk of permanent facial paralysis. 
Proper eye care with the use of artificial tears and night patching should be implemented as long as eye closure is impaired.